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Rubio SLAMS Cruz: He raises money in NY, then criticized NY values

GOP candidate Senator Marco Rubio responded to Senator Ted Cruz ‘NY Values” flap on Sunday morning’s Meet The Press saying “I’ve never used that phrase. I think we’re all Americans. I’m campaigning on behalf of American values.” He said the fact that Cruz uses that line but then fundraises in New York shows “the level of political calculation” that goes into his campaign.

This was a great answer and will play well if nationally if Marco sticks it out. A South Carolina poll reported today that Governor Jeb Bush had leap-frogged the Florida Senator into 3rd place.

Rubio continued:

“Ted has shown a propensity,” he told Chuck Todd, “throughout his career in the U.S. Senate, to take one position in front of one audience and then change his position in front of another. So he raises money in New York and then criticizes New York values.”

Check out the interview:

What do you think about Rubio’s interview? Did he make sense or will Cruz supporters go after him now? Share your comments below.


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