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Rubio tries to implicate Cruz in supporting amnesty; Cruz responds! It’s on now people!

Okay – here we go. The battle is on.

Marco Rubio has shown his cards by sending around this video of Ted Cruz in June 2013, using it to try and make the case that Ted Cruz was just as soft on illegal immigration as Rubio was! But as much as Rubio might try to make that case, Republican voters have long memories, and will not be duped into thinking that. Anyone who paid attention to the “Gang of Eight” (of which Rubio was a key member) and their attempt to ram an Amnesty bill through Congress knows it was Ted Cruz leading the charge against it.

The video Rubio’s team is sending around (above) is of Cruz urging adoption of an amendment he proposed to the Gang of Eight’s bill that would have provided a chance at legal status for those here illegally – but NOT a pathway to citizenship. Cruz proposed the amendment because he knew they were all about giving citizenship – Amnesty – to those here illegally. He wanted them to have to show themselves for what they were by forcing them to turn down that amendment – and they did.

Here’s the bottom line. Ted Cruz did NOT vote for Amnesty – Marco Rubio DID. Notice Rubio’s name is one of the 14 Republicans Senators who voted for the Amnesty Bill in the U.S. Senate back in 2013:

In contrast, Ted Cruz tweeted out that day that he had voted AGAINST the Amnesty Bill – a bill he did everything he could to kill:

Rubio knows Cruz is rising and that Rubio’s support for Amnesty could be lethal if it comes down to Rubio vs. Cruz for the Nomination. But Rubio’s attempt to tar Cruz is not going to work with the mass of GOP voters – because we haven’t forgotten what really happened in 2013. If you want to hear what Cruz was saying in June 2013, listen to this extensive interview he did with Rush Limbaugh about the Rubio-sponsored Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill.

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