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Rudy RIPS Hillary: Biggest Liar To Ever Run For President

Want to talk about something this morning, this is probably it!

Former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani joined Fox And Friends this morning and went after Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton with reckless abandon. Honestly, can you fault him? Hillary has lied to get into the positions she needs to seemingly to look the part, but she didn’t leave a trail of achievements.

Giuliani said:

I can’t image that probably the biggest liar that ever ran for president is going to bring up lies at the debate

People are starting to realize Hillary’s lies, corruption, and criminal behavior even though the
Liberal media won’t talk about or admit. It’s been proven that Hillary had committed treason when she used an unsecured server to send and receive classified & top secret information.

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It was proven by the FBI that she made it possible for our enemies and terrorists to get ahold of that information, and the FBI report proved she willfully broke our national defense laws. Our national defense laws say all classified and top secret information must go through SIPRNet and or JWICS which is the DOD’s secure computer network.

Hillary Clinton is not fighting for the American people; she is fighting for her selfish interests along with career politician elites who fell their corrupt way of live is threatened. It will be a disaster if she is president. We need help, and she is not the answer. We need to vote for Trump for positive change.

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