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RUSH: Possibility vs. Certainty – An Open Letter to the #NeverTrump Camp

It was a dark day for Cruz supporters as the Senator suspended his campaign following the Indiana primary loss.  I, along with many others, took to social media to express the shock and sorrow over the loss, and the dismay over the inevitability of Trump as the GOP nominee.

Seventeen men and women, many of whom were more abundantly qualified than Trump, ran for POTUS, and against all odds he remains the last man standing.

Those who know me understand I have not been a part of the #NeverTrump movement, but his comments about Ted Cruz’s father and the assassination of JFK combined with some of his supporter’s rhetoric Tuesday night pushed me to the brink.

There are a few things I like about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, and many things I do not.  The chief concern I have is the uncertainty of what he truly believes and the policies he would implement.  Before the Trump supporters chime in, I have read his positions at, but when a candidate is on one side of an issue Tuesday and on the opposite side of the issue Wednesday, one wonders if the people in charge of the writing the policies on the website have influence over the candidate and policy implementation, but I digress.

I spent the past 24 hours asking myself if I could support Mr. Trump as the GOP nominee and vote for him as President?  For me, the answer is yes, and I’d like to share why I made this decision with those in the #NeverTrump camp.

For me, my support came down to possibility vs. certainty.

The next president of the United States will be responsible for appointing anywhere from one to four Supreme Court nominees.  The result of the nominations will impact our country for decades, and cannot be undone by the next election.

With Trump, there is a possibility he appoints a liberal nominee.  An activist judge who believes the role of the court is to make a law to reflect the current culture, rather than interpret the law passed by Congress.

With Hillary Clinton, this is a certainty.

With Trump, there is a possibility he will acquiesce to the progressive congress, making deals and growing the size, scope and control of the federal government.

With Hillary Clinton, this is a certainty.

With Trump, there is a possibility the wall will not be built and illegal immigrants will be awarded for breaking our country’s laws with benefits paid for by working Americans rather than taking care of our veterans who sacrificed for our nation.

With Hillary Clinton, this is a certainty.

With Trump, there is a possibility the right to bear arms may be infringed upon, and gun manufacturers may be targeted like cigarette and coal companies.

With Hillary Clinton, this is a certainty.

With Trump, there is a possibility Iran may complete the path to a nuclear weapon endangering Israel and the United States

With Clinton, this is a certainty.

With Trump, there is a possibility Obamacare will not be repealed but rather expanded.

With Clinton, this is a certainty.

There are many things conservatives can and should concentrate on to right the course of our nation, and decentralize the power concentrated in Washington D. C.

We can fight for term limits, support the convention of states and work tirelessly to elect representatives to replace the entrenched elite.

For me, the one thing I cannot do is work to correct the course of our nation by electing Hillary Clinton.

For me, the 2016 election is about halting the final transformation of America with Obama’s 3rd term.

With Hillary Clinton Obama’s 3rd term is a certainty.

For me, voting for Trump means there is a possibility we put the breaks on the transformation.

I choose the possibility.



About Stacy Rush

Stacy is the creator and editor of She is a common sense conservative who decided she could no longer stand on the sidelines and watch the country fall apart.

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