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Russia: Is Ukraine Conquering The World?

During the Ukraine conflict, Russia has accused America of introducing US soldiers there. It has been claimed by Ukraine, however, that the conflict was not initiated by Russian separatists, but by secret Russian troops invading.

From YouTubeAccording to Reuters today, Ukraine claims to have captured two Russian elite “officers”. In a video a Russian admits to being a Spetznaz sergeant from Togliatti, Russia.

The malaise is that Russia is not hitting at Ukraine, but at America. Russia admits it is fighting in a conflict larger than Ukraine.

According to former NATO commander Fogh Rasmussen, Russia wants to restore the “former USSR”.

Author and analyst JR Nyquist reasons that the pronouncements from Russia are even deeper rhetorical strategies going far beyond Ukraine. Russia justifies much larger goals through Russian Security Council universal resolutions (texts larger than the Declaration of Independence in sheer weight, worldliness and politicing).

When Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev says that America is “trying to involve the Russian Federation in an interstate military conflict” in order to instigate a regime change in Moscow, he is creating a pretext and a smokescreen for a vast Russian military mobilization which goes far beyond the restoration of the USSR. “The Americans are trying to … dismember our country via events in Ukraine,” says Patrushev. So what does America deserve, in reply?

America is trying to “dismember” Russia, after all. So it is only right and proper that America be dismembered. That is what Patrushev is saying. Such is the real significance of his statement. When Rasmussen says this whole thing is “not about Ukraine,” we have to agree. Yet he is blind to the real target of Russia’s mobilization. The real target is not NATO, but {its main head} America. And when America is defeated, every country on earth will bow to Russia..

Is Russia asking for legal redress, seeking pseudo world resolutions as a political-military ploy to have its way in a new Russian “order” – the plaintiff seeking the seat of absolute world judge?

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