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Russia unveils beautiful “Straight-Pride” flag to celebrate traditional marriage and I’m not mad at it!

Never thought I’d ever see much of anything good come out of Russia, but…!!!

While the American Presidential Palace (White House) ignores using light shows to celebrate America’s birthday but lights up the entire mansion in rainbow colors to celebrate gay marriage, Russia is taking a strongly different position. In strong opposition to the movement to create new rights for gays while removing them for straight people, Russia has announced the official launch of a “straight pride” flag.

The flag was designed to celebrate natural family values and show pride for those who do. “This is our answer to same sex marriages, this mockery of the very concept of family. We must prevent gay fever in our country and support traditional values,” said the deputy leader of United Russia in Moscow, Aleksey Lisovenko. 1436388865-united-russia-political-party-unveils-russian-straight-pride-flag_8060142

The west has totally fallen under PC fascism. Parents who criticize immigration risk the state taking their children, people refusing to bake pro-gay cakes are arrested or fined for “hate”, 6 year old children are put in permanent registers for “racism.” It is a place where Obama and his ideological brethren rule supreme.

It is truly a shame when a former head of the KGB is more American than the current President and Left side of the aisle in Congress. But hey, bearded men in thongs have the right to parade around in front of children…but I digress.

What do you think of the new “straight-pride” flag of Russia celebrating traditional families? Share your comments below.

H/T – The Independent, Photo Credit: Demotix

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