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Russians Pass Ban on Americans Adopting their Children

Bad news for the hundreds of American families hoping to adopt Russian children — and perhaps even worse news for the children.

The Russian Parliament just approved a ban on all American adoptions of Russian children. American adoptive families are still hoping for a Russian change of heart.

Vladimir Putin temporarily suspended foreign adoptions. “They’re just children. They’re just kids, and what they need is a home.”

On Friday, days before Christmas, the Russian lower house approved a plan to ban all American adoptions, and the upper house is expected to approve it too, despite protestors who say the children have become pawns in an international political chess game.

Critics say the move is retaliation for American passage of the Magnitsky Act, named for a Russian anti-corruption lawyer who was beaten and starved to death in prison.

But Russian supporters say it’s a response to the death of a two year old Russian adoptee in his father’s stifling car in Fairfax County… and to the Tennessee woman who sent her 7-year-old adopted son back to Russia alone.


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