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Ryan: If This Is Not A Political Stunt, Why Are Dems Raising Money Off This Tragedy?

Democrats don’t want to pass gun control because they know what would happen. Nothing… But the black market would get bigger, and the American people would be far less safe.

They are Democrats, but they aren’t stupid. They know what happens. You create another cottage industry. Drug War just like most Wars is called that to justify funding it. If you “end the war” that means you cut funding so why in the world would any of these “for profit” Politicians cut their pay and wouldn’t it be better to get paid for as many Wars as you could if you were in that position?

Democrats are not serious about gun violence. Why is no one talking about Chicago? Omar Mateen was not a suspected terrorist all though he should have been. The FBI removed him from their list. He bought his guns legally and passed background checks.

From Fox News Insider:

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) lashed out at his Democratic colleagues for their all-night sit-in to attempt to force votes on gun control measures.

Ryan said that a House committee voted on Democrats’ proposal to ban gun purchases by people on the no-fly list and it failed.

“That’s a fact they didn’t want to talk about,” said Ryan, noting that the bill would never get 50 votes in the Senate, much less 60.

Ryan said it’s “well-known” that if Democrats want a bill to go before the House, then it needs 218 signatures.

“They’re not doing that. … They’re trying to get on TV,” said Ryan.

He then pointed out that Democrats are seeking to raise campaign funds by drawing attention to the anti-gun protests.

“If this isn’t a political stunt, then why are they trying to raise money off of a tragedy?” he asked, holding up a solicitation sent out by Democrats.

I applaud Paul Ryan and his candor towards Democrats who are being an opportunist. There is nothing sincere about this sit in and is just as childish. Due process needs to be reviewed for Guantanamo and the No-Fly-List as both in their current form are UnAmerican.

NOTE: I still don’t trust or support Speaker Paul Ryan. I had to put that out there.

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