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S.E. Cupp – If Trump wins nomination we may have to lose general to save GOP party

Today, Townhall columnist S.E. Cupp wrote a column on Townhall where she seemingly threw in the towel or better yet eluded to throwing the election so that Hillary Clinton would win to save the Republican party. She felt Trump was destroying the Republican brand, and this would be a suitable way to preserve the party.

What ever happened to beat the leader of the pack with a better message. What is up with this low confidence attitude?

I don’t agree with this decision one damn bit. This is ludicrous to throw to the election because the other candidates can’t beat Trump with their message. It’s crazy to think supporters of other candidates can’t push their chosen to the public to draw interest.

Cupp noted that Trump’s has managed to maintain a significant chunk of conservative voters in his corner because of his rhetoric and divisive campaigning tactics. She also addressed the possibility of Trump going third party. Here’s my problem with that. Look at what the GOP is doing right now. Listen to what she’s saying and you expect someone who’s polling ahead and winning his way would abide by the terms of an agreement that asked for fairness. Where’s the fairness? This is the part that gets me. If Trump does become the nominee for the GOP, Cupp expressed that the 2016 election might be a necessary sacrifice so that Republicans will be able to win in the future.

“Whatever group he claims to represent should have to embrace his dimwitted and divisive proposals without the imprimatur of the Republican Party or the conservative movement,” Cupp wrote. “Republicans shouldn’t have to defend religious tests, internment camps or Eisenhower’s ‘Operation Wetback’ just because Trump and his goon surrogates do… if Trump wins the nomination and runs as a Republican, we’ll have Democrats like Clinton in the White House for the next 50 years.”

Republicans did a good job of smearing themselves better than anyone else. Looking at the Republican Party from the outside, it has been obvious for a long time that Trumps views have been alive and well with many of the party members. They have just tried to hide them, or dilute them to a lesser degree, so as not to make them as obvious. Trump seems like the perfect if not somewhat exaggerated result of Republican ideology. Until this ideology is cleaned up, the Republicans will not be acceptable to much of this country, whether they have Trump leading them, or not.

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Cupp is a smart lady. She has been predicting the demise of Trump on every show since July. She does NOT admit that she was wrong; she takes a new stand instead; let Hillary win to save GOP’s future. She wants a brokered convention to oust Trump so he runs as an Independent and loses, She also wants brokered convention to select a GOP nominee who will loses to Hillary in a 3-way general. She is playing a long game for 2020 POTUS(R).

What are your thoughts about Cupp’s idea? Do you agree with her or are you angry she would think of throwing in the towel thus instructing everyone to follow her lead? Share your comments below.

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