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Sally Miller’s bombshell! “Hillary had multiple abortions, is a lesbian” [VIDEO]

Well, they don’t call her Cankles Clinton for nothing.

I had heard the Hillary Clinton lesbian rumors back in ’97 when I moved to Baltimore and took a job at Lockheed Martin as a graphics specialist. One of the techies who worked in the White House gave up the dirt, and I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it.

To each his/her own but at that time, my thought process didn’t move in that direction so watching Hillary in that light changed my thinking of her and her husband.

This interview by Sally Miller will most definitely change the electoral game if it gets legs. Miller claims to have had an affair with Bill Clinton that lasted three months. She also said Bill told her Hillary was a lesbian when she inquired why was she so cold.

Watch the video below:

What do you think about this interview? Miller knew about Clinton throughout the years and didn’t hold back what she thought of her.

Will this hurt or help Hillary during the primaries? Bernie Sanders is most definitely closing in. Share your comments (below) and add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

h/t – American Mirror

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