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Creative Commons severe flooding, Photo By U.S. Department of Agriculture, Licensed Under Public Domain Mark 1.0

Same Old Climate Change Rhetoric From This Year’s #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

Today, thousands of man-made climate change activists traveled to Washington D.C. on April 18th to attend a concert that supposedly advocated for the protection of the environment. Some of the questionable tweets are shown below.

We hear this same old rhetoric that everyone needs to work together on this issue. Chip in for what?! Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent, taxed, and privately donated to combat so-called climate change. How much will more money climate change activists demand before they are satisfied?

What does attending a concert do to end poverty? The reason why we have poverty is that governments around the world take and misuse money they are given. Yet, these activists blame it on free market capitalism and think conservatives want “dirty air and dirty water.”

I wonder how Matthew Santoro arrived in Washington D.C. Was it by bus, car, or even a private jet? A quarter million people either took a bus, car, or plane to attend a rally that hates the use of buses, cars, and planes because they believe these modes of transportation are ruining the environment. Same old hypocrisy.

The fact that this was a concert makes me wonder how many of the thousands that attended really came to advocate for environmental justice. With a quarter million people showing up today, I can guarantee that some of these people just attended to watch famous singers perform.

I wonder how Ban Ki-moon from the U.N. was able to make it to D.C. I can guarantee you he did not arrive by bicycle. It is difficult to take people seriously when they say one thing, but their actions say something else. These climate change activists hate the thought of any trace of carbon dioxide being released, yet they still use their limos and private jets that use carbon dioxide to attend a political rally, and then calls anyone who dares question them a ‘climate denier.’

“We must do something before it is too late!” How many countless times do we hear this partisan rhetoric? Every single day, climate change alarmists are always saying something must be done before ‘it’s too late.’ Too late for what? Too late that more people are waking up to an exposed climate change scam? Better technology and billions of dollars spent on failed green programs later, we still hear the same complaint. The fact is this: Man-made climate change was and never is about the environment. To the root, it is about socialism, in which they want more money and to grow the federal government, all in the name of “protecting the environment.”

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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