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Sanctuary City Philadephia Releases Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Raping A Child

ICE says the City of Philadelphia refused to release an illegal immigrant considered an alleged child rapist. Philadelphia is on the list of “sanctuary cities,” which can lose their funding on January 20 if President Trump signs on the dotted line.

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Just me say all people that are running these sanctuary cities need to be in prison along with the criminals. It’s hard to me to understand why liberals want to protect criminals who rape children and cause damage to neighborhoods and destroy whatever they come in contact with.

I am not being racist, I am a realist.

From Newsworks:

In the latest controversy about Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy. Immigration authorities say Philadelphia police refused to hand an alleged child rapist over to federal authorities and then later released him on bail.

The man, a Dominican national charged as Josue Duran-Cortes, was arrested in July 2015 on charges of raping a minor. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials lodged a detainer, a request that Philadelphia police hand him over to immigration officers.

The city declined to honor the detainer, and Duran-Cortes [also called Winston Enrique Perez Pilarte in the ICE release] was released in November 2015 after posting $25,000 bail.

According to the ICE statement, federal authorities arrested him in September after their own investigation.

The statement quotes Tom Decker, field office director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, as saying one of ICE’s best resources “is for the mayor to honor our detainers and requests for notification.”

“ICE is hopeful that the mayor will work with us to keep our community safe,” he said.

Mayor Jim Kenney spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said the ICE statement makes it clear Immigration can arrest its targets without the city’s help, and that routinely handing people over to Immigration authorities would jeopardize community cooperation and make it harder to solve crimes.

ICE expressed the hope that the Mayor would start honoring their detainers for criminal illegal immigrants like this child rapist, in order to keep the “community safe.” But the Mayor was indeed acting to keep the community safe — the community of criminal illegals that is.

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