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Sanders wants USA to be like Finland? White Finland woman berates woman “because you are black” [VIDEO]

I never would have even posted it if he wouldn’t have opened his chops!

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders continues to talk about how the United States if full of institutional racism and keeps pushing for American to be more like Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Guess he didn’t get the memo.


Sanders touts Finland in many of his speeches. This excerpt is from the Washington Post:

In Finland, Sanders said, the public education system is the strongest in the world. There’s a strong child care system. Wages are generally higher than in the United States. And retirement programs are strong.

But at the end of the day, Sanders said, Americans should ask themselves what it would be like to have a country where the elderly don’t have to worry about how to pay for prescription drugs, where all parents have access to high-quality child care, and where they know their children can go to college, regardless of their income.

But from this video, they have a racism problem and it runs deep! Here are some takeaways from the video:

“You are not a woman in my eyes”

“We’re in trouble because of blacks people”

“Just try to be good here, work”

The black female said “Why are you attacking me,” and the racist woman responded “because you are black”

Hey Bernie, watch this video here:


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