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Scarborough: Obama Undercut FBI Investigation Last Year, Now He’s Doing It Again!

I have to agree with Joe Scarborough on this one. How does Barack Obama have the audacity to question the FBI using words like innuendo when he undercut the FBI last year saying they would find nothing.

Any President that was professional and respectable wouldn’t meddle and would let the FBI do its job without feeling the need to constantly make his opinions known to everyone. Things like this make it so clear how FBI Director James Comey didn’t recommend Hillary be prosecuted.

This was just three months ago:

This was yesterday:

This is one man you can’t trust!

At the end of the day, we have a government that works for the elite by cheating the rest of us. Hillary Clinton cheated during the presidential debates as millions of us watched. Is it ok to cheat to win? Is that who we are as a culture? I think not.

I think the thing that is most shameful is that Hillary didn’t come forward and admit that she got the questions beforehand. What would you have done? Reveal the fraud? CNN has fired Donna Brazile for her actions but who is the real fraud here? Think how different HRC’s reputation would be if she brought attention to this before the debate or even admitted now that she cheated.

I’m unable to fathom anyone could trust her now. We have a rule that my clan follows. No liar, whiners or thieves. So far Hillary has broken all three. I’m not sure how she can regain the trust of the American people at this point

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