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Schools ban zero?

We all remember School House Rock’s “Zero is my hero”, but for some schools in Lake County Florida zero is an unfair grade. Some schools in the district have banned students from receiving zeros as grades on assignments.


my-hero-zero   For these schools, zero is no hero. In fact, any grade below 50 is not allowed.  An email sent to educators throughout the district was leaked to the media outlining the questionable policy.


A district spokesman says a zero grade “unfairly hurts students who just need a second chance.” The spokesman argued that if a student has a 90 on one assignment and a zero on the next, his grade average is an F. Bumping that zero to a 50 insures the student a C.  But residents of the county say children should be given the grade they earned. It is also important to note that the board won’t reveal the names of the schools practicing this policy.


As parents and taxpayers, shouldn’t we demand better from our schools and school boards? This policy is much the same as the ‘everyone gets a ribbon’ at the science fair policy. It deflates the will to succeed and rewards the under-achiever.


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