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Schools To Offer Lessons On How To Deal With Transgender “Students”

This might be the dumbest, most abhorrent message ever sent by the federal government to the citizens. And to do it directly to our children. Another overreach and overreaction by the Obama administration – society has already proven we’ve gotten along just fine without this type of federal government intervention for 100s of years.

I feel this is a personal attack from the feckless Commander-In-Chief and I also feel DC should find out how we as citizens feel about it.

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From The Associated Press:

The U.S. Department of Education is drawing on those practices to guide other schools as they work to comply with the Obama administration’s directive that transitioning children be treated consistent with their gender identity.

That has been the policy since 2013 of the Arcadia Unified School District in Southern California. As part of a settlement with the federal departments of Justice and Education that became the foundation for the national mandate issued Friday, students may use the bathroom, locker room or wilderness cabin that corresponds with their recognized gender outside school, Superintendent David Vannasdall said.

“This is absolutely not about a student on a day-to-day basis saying, ‘Today I’m a boy, tomorrow I’m a girl.’ That has never happened,” Vannasdall said. “By the time these students are at a point where they are asking for our help, they are presenting in all areas of their life as that gender.”

The administration had warned schools before Friday that denying transgender students access to the correct facilities and activities was illegal under its interpretation of federal sex discrimination laws. But the new guidance, for the first time, offers advice for accommodating the privacy needs of nontransgender youngsters.

Nearly two dozen state high school sports federations have adopted rules governing the participation of transgender athletes on competitive teams, including the ones in South Dakota, Maryland and Nevada.

Could any of us even remotely fathom as kids that it would someday be OK for a girl to use the men’s room or a boy to use the ladies room? No. Because it goes against not only common decency but public safety concerns as well. What a strange bird we’ve become.

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