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Scott Brown Won’t Debate Elizabeth Warren With MSNBC As Sponsor |

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Ma.) has told the Edward M. Kennedy Institute that he will only participate in a debate against Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC drops out as sponsor.

The Boston Globe reported Monday:

Senator Scott Brown said today that he will accept a debate at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, but only on the condition that Vicki Kennedy stay neutral in the election and MSNBC drop out as the sponsor.

The campaign said in a statement that it would agree to allowing Tom Brokaw to moderate. Elizabeth Warren has already accepted the Sept. 27 debate, but Brown had previously not committed. The candidates are jointly committed to two other televised debates so far, one in the Boston market and a second one in Western Massachusetts.

Vicki Kennedy, Senator Kennedy’s widow, had extended the invitation for a third. Brown campaign manager Jim Barnett wrote in a letter to the Kennedy Institute:

“[W]hile we accept Tom Brokaw as a moderator, we prefer debates with local media sponsors, not out-of-state cable networks with a reputation for political advocacy,” he continued. “We are confident that issue can be easily addressed as there are a number of Massachusetts media outlets that would be willing to sponsor a debate such as the one you are proposing for the Kennedy Institute, and I’m sure they would be pleased to have Mr. Brokaw as moderator.”

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By Noel Sheppard| June 18, 2012 | 23:46

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