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Scott Walker: Good For Wisconsin, Horrible For America

In recent months, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has become the poster boy of the 2016 GOP hopefuls. Walker is charismatic and holds quite an accomplished track record in Wisconsin. Inheriting a $3.6 billion deficit from his predecessor, James Doyle, Walker was successful in converting the deficit into a $911 million surplus. The governor also signed the Act 10 Budget Adjustment Act, greatly limiting the power of public unions, thereby saving Wisconsin taxpayers $3 billion.

These feats should rightly be championed. This is how state leadership ought to appropriately conduct itself. However, fiscal conservatism alone is not enough to make for a successful leader at the federal level. Presiding over the executive branch of the federal government entails the additional responsibility of foreign policy; a duty state governors are exempt from and hold no experience in. This is why Matt Purple of believes we ought to elect a Senator for president in 2016.

When young Barack Obama ran for the presidency in 2008 on the platform of liberty, hope, and change, conservatives fervently opposed his campaign saying he lacked enough political experience to hold the position. Yet when Governor Walker goes around preaching the same message, conservatives gloss over the fact that he is inexperienced in the realm of foreign policy. Frayda Levin, who is a member of the Club for Growth’s board of directors, recently confronted Walker about this after a meeting in New York, saying “To be honest, the feedback that you were not prepared to speak about foreign policy.” Much of Scott Walker’s foreign policy beliefs still lie in the dark, but is comparing your political opponents to ISIS terrorists really an appropriate way to enter into the spotlight?

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