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Scottie Nell Hughes, S.E.Cupp weigh in on who will be the special guest of Donald Trump in Iowa – MUST WATCH!

Both Scottie Nell Hughes and S.E. Cupp are favorites of mine. Scottie is like a sister and I enjoy watching Cupp’s breakdown and analysis of conservative views and opinions.

Both have their idea of who GOP front-runner Donald Trump will introduce tonight on stage in Ames, Iowa but nothing is confirmed.

On the idea Trump’s guest will be Sarah Palin,

Scottie Nell Hughes:

“Well that’s the rumor that you’re hearing and it’s obviously causing some panic amongst the Cruz campaign as you have the Cruz spokesman already out there going to this is more of a hit to Sarah Palin than it would necessarily be to Senator Ted Cruz , that’s exactly opposite. Sarah Palin amongst the Tea Party is truly still considered to be one of the top leaders, top spokesman so this endorsement in Iowa would he YUGE to be honest with you!”

S.E. Cupp:

I know the Ted Cruz campaign would be very disappointed, they have said as much, if she in facts backs Donald Trump who the Cruz campaign is calling a progressive. I’m just wondering why she wants Hillary Clinton to win so badly. Because I think if Trump is the nominee, as others have said, I think Trump gets creamed by Hillary.”

Watch the full interview below:

Do you think it will be Sarah Palin? Will that be a game-changer for the election? Will Sarah be attacked by her supporters if she chooses to endorse Trump? Share your comments and opinions below.


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