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Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola and was treated now critically ill with same virus!

Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who was hailed as a hero for treating Ebola patients in West Africa, is now critically ill with the deadly virus after beating it earlier this year.

Cafferkey, 39, is being treated in an isolation tent at the Royal Free hospital in London, the same facility where she recovered from Ebola in January after falling ill on her way home from Sierra Leone.

“We are sad to announce that Pauline Cafferkey’s condition has deteriorated and she is now critically ill. Pauline is being treated for Ebola in the high-level isolation unity at the Royal Free hospital,” the medical center said in a statement.

I thought Ebola patients who survive, develop antibodies and are immune. This story is not good, not good at all. If Ebola morphs and various strains are possible, that spells trouble for everyone.


Was she really cured or was the virus just lying dormant ready to attack again….This virus is tricky and needs a lot further investigation…An eye needs to be kept on all other survivors who came back from the infected area.

What reports are conveniently leaving out is it that she was one of the recipients of the experimental Ebola vaccination. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but it seems to me like everyone that receives a vaccination that had the disease it suppress the symptoms and it came right back.

The article says she’s the only one who has had a recurrence of this. I don’t buy that for a minute. If it happened to her, I have no doubt it has happened before to others, but has gone unreported. I haven’t heard a word about this on any news station.

h/t – RoyalFree, The Guardian

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