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Sean Hannity and Herman Cain go to war against Juan Williams over Limbaugh Comments

Hannity said he agrees with Limbaugh that it’s “embarrassing” how many Americans are below the poverty line and how much of a “demagogue” President Obama is. Cain said leaders like Obama continue to insult people’s intelligence and care more about popularity than policy, accusing the Obama administration of “outright deception.”


Williams differed from Hannity and Cain, saying that he thought guys like them and Limbaugh love America and would continue to love it no matter who is president. Williams appropriated a conservative talking point to suggest if they want to blame America first, they might as well move out to California and live amongst the Hollywood liberals.

Cain told Williams that the Obama administration “ignores the debt” and the rising unemployment rate, calling it a national embarrassment. Williams pointed out how the cuts that will result from the automatic sequester will ultimately hurt the country, to which Cain said that Williams is “dead wrong” and not accurate on what contributed to the stagnating economy.


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