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Sean Hannity offers Cruz media time; He turns it down but all is well now right?

Fox News host Sean Hannity always gets a mouthful of criticism from social media when he doesn’t bend to their every need. This time, Twitter users wanted to see Sen. Ted Cruz back on the show with a more lengthy amount of interview time and Hannity responded to the requests:

According to TheBlaze, a Cruz spokesperson jumped on Twitter to tell Cruz followers his candidate would probably not return to the Hannity TV show because they felt Sean was pushing “Trump smears.” Let me say I’ve listened to Sean, and he goes out of his way to give both men equal talk time, so I am not sure what this tweet was about:

Another thing, earlier this week, Cruz tried to use the narrative the media was giving Trump all this free air time while calling it a lovefest with the GOP front-runner. Now I don’t know if anyone believes that especially how they dump on the NY businessman every time they get a chance. I will have to say CNN host Anderson Cooper was time enough for Cruz to call him out on that response:

“How many hours of free media does CNN and Fox and every other station — you let him call in. And for a year he got $2 billion in free media,” Cruz said at the time.

“We’ve asked you for interviews pretty much every day and you’ve declined every offer on my program,” Cooper shot back.

This is the interview in question that caused the rift:

I don’t know what Cruz would like to happen these days. I think he’s frustrated he can’t close the gap. Cooler heads have prevailed , and it looks like both sides are better now but check out this statement:

“Both you and Bill have been very, very friendly with Donald Trump,” Cruz said. “He ought to get a fair moderator.” ?

Where is this whiny attitude coming from these days? Cruz has to win close to 85% of the delegates, and it looks like the pressure is weighing on him big time. What do you think? Share your comments (below) and share this for those who don’t know this story.

h/t – CNN Money

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