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Secretary Hillary Clinton Forwarded CLASSIFIED Email To Daughter Chelsea!

There are some of you who will probably say this was a mistake or even use the excuse that the email was upgraded later. Here’s my problem with both of those “get out of jail” insurance cards.

As head of a government state department, you have to be on your toes, cross the “I’s” and dot the “T’s” as this is a place where mistakes can kill you and worse, kill Americans if information got leaked. Secondly, why even send any email, let alone a confidential message to a family member who doesn’t have the authority or security clearance to even view it?

Hillary Clinton is reckless and she is dangerous. She thinks she can do whatever she wants and apologize later and that’s not right. The way you cherish a government job is to haev the mindset everything you do in that job has to be deemed sensitive. There is no wiggle room!


From Newsmax:

The email was sent from the Democratic presidential nominee to her daughter’s private email in December 2009, but it is unknown if the email stamped “confidential” should have been treated as classified before it was forwarded.

“The portion of this email that was upgraded was provided to the Department by former Secretary Clinton back in December 2014,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told Politico. “It was upgraded to confidential — the lowest level of classification — and released in October 2015 during our regular productions of approximately 52,000 pages of former Secretary Clinton’s emails.

“As to whether emails were classified at the time they were sent, the State Department in the [Freedom of Information Act] process is focusing on whether information needs to be protected today.”

The email was among 74 documents released by the State Department on Friday, amid an FOIA court order. Two of those emails were newly upgraded to “confidential,” according to Politico.

“We were ordered by the court to process 350 pages of material received from the FBI by [Friday] . . . and have met that requirement,” Kirby wrote in a statement, according to the report.

As Secretary of State, Hillary should have marked it classified. SHE, not the ‘State Department’ carries the lion’s share of the responsibility for determining what are national security secrets. Can you imagine a President releasing classified information and then try to hide by claiming some bureaucrat didn’t mark it classified? Amazing what the Hillary enablers will allow.

The bottom line is she lied to the American people, she lied to congress, she lied to the FBI, she definitely sent and received classified info on her unauthorized unsecured server! And they’re just skimming the surface it will take them months to go through 650,000 emails! She broke the law and 46% of Americans are voting for a criminal!

She needs to be prosecuted and locked up.

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