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Security Policy Rep: Obama Releasing GITMO Detainees To Terrorist Countries!

Jim Hanson, Exec VP of the Center for Security Policy joined Fox & Friends Pete Hegseth to talk about how Barack Obama is releasing Gitmo detainees to countries that support terrorism, literally giving our enemies free draft picks.

Most of us remember Obama’s campaign promise to close GITMO, and he’s trying his best to get that done no matter how much that hurts America in the future.

Do not be surprised or shocked at anything Obama has done or will do. It was his greatest campaign promise–to fundamentally change America. HE has certainly kept that promise.

Obama Releasing Gitmo Detainees To Terrorist… by dgraphics2009

The consensus is that Obama will do anything to first sabotage Trump and the American people, but look at all you snowflakes who put him in office twice nine times out of 10, you are the same ones that voted for a criminal Hillary Clinton who wanted to continue these policies.

What he did to Israel is completely an evil act of hate!

What’s hurtful is Congress sat on it’s tail for eight years and let him get away with these unchecked actions because of his skin color. That’s just the ugly truth.

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