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When They Noticed The Self-Checkout Register Was Malfunctioning, They Went Nuts!

I’ve seen people get over before but never like this. These shoppers thought they were getting away after this machine malfunctioned.

Society is hurting and many liberal-minded Americans do not have morals. If they think they can get away with a crime, they will. With the indoctrination

Source: Inside Edition

Shoppers who allegedly helped themselves to extra cash distributed by a malfunctioning self-checkout register at a Florida Walmart are now being sought by police, who say the group made off with over $1,000.

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Members of a group of eight people who were shopping at the department store discovered that a self-checkout register was dispensing $20 bills instead of $5 bills after it incorrectly spit out the larger notes just after midnight Saturday, Winter Haven Police said.

Surveillance footage released by police and obtained by Fox 29 shows a man scanning two items at the register, paying cash and then walking off.

As you will witness in the video below, this group didn’t let anyone near the register, not even the target attendee.

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