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Is the GOP operating under the definition of insanity?

Selling Jeb Bush: The Insanity Within the GOP Circle

If someone in the GOP has a crystal ball, then they are already trying to spoil it for everyone else. Let’s think that over. Some in the mainstream media and within the Republican establishment have already picked a winner to receive the nomination for the party.

Some news outlets are reporting that person to be Jeb Bush. On top of that, Washington establishmentarians have set him aside. If that isn’t enough, it is coming out that the majority of the big money backers behind Mitt Romney are ready to open their pockets in the name of Jeb Bush.

This is different from everywhere else we look. The majority of the polls that are out right now show a completely different landscape leaving Jeb Bush nowhere near theirs. Topping these polls are names like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

So why are these ‘establishment elites’ getting behind someone that isn’t who is out front? Simple. They’re insane!

We’ve all to often heard the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

That pretty much sums up where the leadership of the GOP is. They are insane. They are willing to stand behind someone that offers much more of the same that we’ve had for so many years. As a whole, the nation does not have good feelings about the Bush dynasty.

The people are ready for a different direction. The more people become involved in what happens day in day out, the more they become active in grassroots organizations, the more they feel the impacts and effects of years of misguided oversized government, the more they want something different.

That something different they seek will come from someone who’s been out there. Someone who’s been ‘working for them’ and even at times ‘working with them’. Jeb Bush has been all but absent from the political scene over the last seven or so years, while the faces of Paul and Cruz are all over the waves.

Even if Jeb was to formally make an announcement for candidacy, he would be hard pressed to find enough support. Jeb would have his work cut out trying to distance himself from the already tainted ‘Bush legacy’.

If this was the direction that GOP leadership honestly wanted to take, they would be almost certain to hand a victory over to the democratic party again. For two presidential election cycles now, they failed to get out the vote. They couldn’t get enough of the republican party behind their own candidate. We saw it with McCain, and we definitely saw it with Romney. So why would Jeb be any different?

The GOP needs to put forth a candidate that can get the base fired up and out to vote. It isn’t all about money. It’s about getting people out doing the work for you. It’s about getting people to vote. You cannot put someone on the ticket that can’t make that happen. We saw so many within the republican party just stay home with Romney on the ticket, and we were sold that he’s the only one that can take down Obama.

Clearly, promoting Jeb Bush as the next big thing will only continue to divide the republican party. Is it insanity? Or is the crystal ball of the GOP cracked?

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My name is Daniel Stafford, aka The Stafford Voice. I may be only one 'Conservative in a world of Liberal,' but I don't and won't let that stop me. Just because I don't wear the uniform anymore doesn't mean I'm not a soldier!

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