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Sen. Mike Lee Goes Behind Enemy Lines!

In Our Lost Constitution, Senator Mike Lee tells the dramatic, little-known stories behind six of the Constitution’s most indispensible provisions. He shows their rise. He shows their fall. And he makes vividly clear how nearly every abuse of federal power today is rooted in neglect of this Lost Constitution.

Gene and Russ will try to find out what qualities Sen. Lee is looking for in the next President and who – if anyone – in the current field he supports! And you won’t believe his response when we ask about his plans for 2016 – needless to say, he will be on the ballot!

Plus, Russ and Gene discuss the latest goings-on in Garland and in Baltimore, as well as a robust discussion on constitutional conservatism and how political correctness threatens liberty.

All that, plus who was the bigger Buffoon this week? Natalie Portman or people tweeting about the Price is RIght’s choice of prizes for a wheelchair bound winner? Vote now at

About Gene Berardelli

Gene Berardelli is a noted Republican election law attorney, a civil litigator, a blogger and host of Behind Enemy Lines, a internet radio show that features urban Republicans broadcasting from "The People's Republic of New York City" detailing the "fight from within the belly of the Liberal beast" on We Are America Radio Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

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