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Sen Mike Lee who campaigned for both Cruz and Rubio in SC FINALLY makes decision

Sen. Mike Lee just decided to endorse Sen. Ted Cruz after campaigning for both Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio in South Carolina.

Call me crazy or call me nuts or call me whenever you want to, but I just don’t see the upside of campaigning for two competitors at the same time. When Lee showed up at a Rubio rally in South Carolina talking about how great he was and then turned around and showed up at another campaign stop for Cruz with the same “how great Cruz is” speech, it just didn’t make sense to me and probably you either.

Whatever determination you come to about Mike Lee campaign for both at the same time, in my eyes they’re all part of the same political establishment, and they watch each others back.

Today Lee came forth to endorse Cruz as Rubio’s campaign is on life support.

Senator Mike Lee

From NBC News:

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz will pick up his first Senate endorsement Thursday when Sen Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, will announce he’s backing Cruz, sources familiar with the decision tell NBC News.

The endorsement comes just days before key contests in Ohio and Florida, and it gives the Texas Republican momentum after winning Idaho on Tuesday and receiving the endorsement of former Republican candidate Carly Fiorina on Wednesday.

Lee was one of only three GOP senators who missed today’s Senate vote on a bill to aid those affected by opioid abuse. The other two were Sens Rubio and Cruz.

While Cruz has become a divisive figure within the Republican conference in the Senate, Lee is considered one of his only allies, and at a recent campaign stop Cruz said Lee was “someone I love like a brother.”

Do you think or do you trust a politician who campaigns on two competitors behalf? Don’t you find that confusing?

I want you to share your comments below and let me know what you think about Lee’s decision to support Ted Cruz and don’t forget to add this story to your social media timeline whether that be Twitter or Facebook.

h/t – NBC News


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