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Senate Bill Makes LGBT Rights “Major Foreign Policy Objective” Over Crumbling Middle East

When the chips are down, one can always depend on the Obama Administration to embrace the theater of the absurd. So what if Iraq is being overtaken by the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria (ISIS), who are hell bent on creating an Islamic caliphate, turning the region into one governed exclusively by Sharia law. The Middle East is a ticking tinderbox. Whatever strings are holding it together are about to split, and Israel will have to be ready for nuclear war, as all the key players move into position.

Rome8This was all made possible by President Obama, and now that the ISIS has seized American weapons, the orchestrated disaster is near completion. So what’s a steadfast and upright leader to do in shifting America’s foreign policy? Naturally, take up LGBT rights as a major foreign policy mandate. The U.S. is to be the world’s LGBT police. With full cooperation and swift initiatives by an equally inept and worthless Senate, the U.S. will make homosexual rights a leading foreign policy objective. While a mushroom cloud settles over the Middle East, Obama and his minions drape themselves in rainbow flags.

Could the Obama Administration, and the progressive psychopath led Senate be more useless than they are at this moment? Rome is already burning, in fact the fire is sweltering. The heat is palpable. But while the world teeters on the brink of catastrophe, Obama and his merry bunch of morons are determined to be the world’s LGBT Keystone cops. Breitbart reports:

One area where the US under Obama has not retreated, indeed has ramped up American pressure, is in the promotion of LGBT rights. He issued a 2011 Presidential Memorandum that did just that.

Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and 24 Democratic senators want to make this policy a part of U.S. law.

In legislation introduced last Friday, LGBT rights would become an official foreign policy priority of the United States and would include US training of “professional foreign military.”

Obama’s Senate wants to make LGBT rights official foreign policy, and actually train a “professional foreign military” to combat homosexual oppression. All this in the face of worldwide anarchy. Is there any wonder America has become a laughingstock? But in reality, Obama has accomplished his mission of distraction, destruction, and obliteration. It’s working like a magic tonic.

The legislation would require the participation of all federal contractors, put US pressure on international institutions, and work in all global “sectors” including “economic, education, health, nutrition, legal and judicial…” The legislation calls for US pressure on individuals and also the family.

The legislation would also mandate that non-gay LGBT campaigners be given special refugee status in the United States.

The bill would establish a Special Envoy within the State Department, appointed by the President, to carry out the bill’s mandate. The Special Envoy would “direct all activities, policies, programs and funding relating to the human rights of LGBT people… for all bureaus and offices of the Department of State and in the international programs for all other Federal agencies….”

Obama may not have a set “red line” in regards to Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq, or any other country in terms of weapons, invasions, or complete destruction. But at least he has a “red line” on world LGBT rights. An unmovable, uncrossable line, and this further push to police the world on gay rights is already causing issues with countries such as Uganda.

This whole move is orchestrated chaos. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is pushing the world to the brink, and then will push whoever he needs to off the collective cliff. Meanwhile the endless theater of the absurd continues without end, until someone decides to set off a suitcase nuke in Manhattan, or an EMP. At that moment, collectively policing the world on LGBT rights would cease to be a concern to anyone who survives.

About Janna Brock

Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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