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Senate Republicans seem to want to back Rubio over Cruz, why? Will it make a difference?

If there’s one thing most of us know, Senator Ted Cruz does not shy away from being abrasive or confrontational, even toward his fellow Republicans. Among many, Cruz has made a name for himself for seemingly being willing to stick it to the Republican establishment.

He has always resonated with those fellow conservatives who view the Republican establishment to be literally in step with Democrat big spenders and, therefore, equally responsible for the country being in the dire condition it is today.

Senate Vote

As Cruz has improved his position in the Republican field of Presidential candidates, many of those he has blasted in the past are withholding their support from his campaign. They are touting the candidacy of Marco Rubio, instead.

Many mainstream Republicans perceive Cruz as a bigger threat than even billionaire Donald Trump or Dr Ben Carson. They don’t feel Cruz has the ability to defeat Hillary Clinton and put the Republican party’s candidate back in the White House. They fear he does not appeal to enough of the older Republican party to collect enough votes to win against the Democrats.

In their minds, Rubio does.

“Marco is a true next-generation conservative,” said Senator Steve Daines (R. Mont.), who endorsed Rubio in November. “Every time there’s a debate, his stock goes up.”

South Dakota Senator John Thune (R.) said, “Candidates running for national office who are articulating strong, firm, decisive positions that are well-thought-out are going to have an advantage.” He believes Rubio is, “well positioned to make the arguments.”

Cruz discounts the position that Rubio is more electable than he is. He believes a large number of blue-collar Democrats will rally behind him in the general election, just like they did in the 1980s to support Ronald Reagan.


Party stalwarts point to the Democrat attacks on Rubio’s candidacy as an indicator how much Democrats fear him as a potential adversary. Democrats have been deriding Rubio for his missed votes and briefings, as well as his proposed policies. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has blasted Rubio in Politico and the Huffington Post for his Senate absences and has asked him to resign.

Said Reid, “Obviously, Marco was bitten by the national limelight like John Edwards. Marco Rubio, somehow someone told him, “Why don’t you run for president?” OK, great idea. So he just walked away from the Senate. He has been a nonentity here.”

As Cruz gains ground on Donald Trump in Iowa, and he has demonstrated he has the financial backing to go the distance, concerns intensify for Rubio’s supporters in the Senate.

However, the question is: Are their concerns for the future good of the country or about holding on to their own positions in power?

Who do you choose? Does a Senate Republican endorsement mean much to you? Tell us below what your thoughts and add this to your social media timeline to see what your friends say about it.

h/t – Politico

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