Senator Cruz talks to Team Ninja

Senator Ted Cruz gave an exclusive private address to a handful of bloggers Thursday.

The Senator from Texas started off by thanking each and everyone of us for our work. Mr. Cruz said if not for our work, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The I.R.S. scandal, and other crimes committed by the Obama administration would not be in the news. He talked about the importance of bloggers and how they are doing the job the MSM isn’t. Senator Cruz encouraged the small group of 30 bloggers to keep up our efforts. Cruz said he and other like minded members of Congress depend on bloggers to get their message out.

To bloggers Cruz said:

“We matter because the MSM doesn’t”CruzADD1

“Dan Rather discovered the power of bloggers”

Senator Cruz talked at length about the perils of Common Core, Saddling our children with debt, and stopping the EPA from destroying America’s economy. He then encouraged us to inspire, reach out to others with our message.

After 20 minutes passed, he was quickly called back to the Senate to vote. I shook the Senator’s hand and thanked him for his encouragement and his time.

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