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Senator Jeff Sessions endorses Donald Trump; Huge blow to Ted Cruz — MUST WATCH!

Republican elites don’t understand that policy is irrelevant to this election. They have had at least twenty years to live up to the social contract with Republican voters but have failed to do so.

They had opportunities to do constructive things while in power, and to act as a principled, loyal opposition while out of power. But all they have delivered is economic stagnation, loss of constitutional freedoms, crony capitalism, and greater burdens of taxes and regulation.

Today, Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed the GOP front-runner Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Huntsville Sunday evening. Sessions ensured a “Gang of Eight” type of immigration reform bill would not be passed in a Trump presidency.

“There is an opportunity this year, Tuesday, and we have the opportunity — we have an opportunity Tuesday. It may be the last opportunity we have for the people’s voice to be heard. You have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration,” Sessions said.

“The American people have known for years these trade agreements have not been working for them,” Sessions stumped. “We now have and will soon have a vote on the Transpacific Partnership TPP), Obamatrade, and it will damage America. It will create a commission that undermines our sovereignty, and it should not pass. Donald Trump when he gets elected president will see it does not pass.”

Sessions said Trump is not perfect, but nobody is and endorsed the candidate. This has to be a huge blow to Sen. Ted Cruz as Sessions have been an ally in the U.S. Senate for the past few years.

“This movement, he doesn’t take money from political groups and lobbyists. He is committed to leading this country in an effective way. You know, nobody is perfect. We can’t have everything, can we, Mr. Trump? But I can tell you one thing, I think at this time in my opinion, my best judgment, at this time in America’s history, we need to make America great again!” Sessions said, repeating Trump’s campaign slogan.

“I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States,” Sessions endorsed.

“We are in a movement that must not fade away,” Sessions told the crowd. “The bosses are you. The people in Washington are public servants and they serve you.”

Party elites have delivered repeated disappointment to loyal Republicans, by refusing to stand up for Republican principles. They know what those principles are.

They fret that the election of Trump may destroy the Republican Party. What they don’t “get” is that most voters believe a clean start is necessary, and that destroying what the Party has become is a prerequisite to rebuilding it.

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