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Senator wants more snooping because government can’t keep us safe without spying on us

Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker, Republican and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, does not cotton to the bill, just passed in the US House on a 338 to 88 majority, to limit the NSA’s ability to do massive “bulk data” collections on ALL US phone calls. While the House bill would still require phone companies to retain data for searching on a case-by-case basis by the Government, it would stop the bulk collection which many Americans now oppose.

But Senator Corker is hearing none of it. Not only does he oppose limiting such data collection, but he actually wants more. The Senator is shocked, according to a report in Newsmax, that more data is not collected. Pounding the national security war drum, it seems to me that Corker believes the only way the government can keep Americans safe from terrorists abroad is keep them in terror of their own government. We will all be safe in a cozy Corker-made prison.

When we consider that the current American state is marching toward policies that limit the free speech of anyone who dares defy the current conventional wisdom about gay marriage or climate change, one can hardly take comfort, as Senator Corker seems to, in giving that same political state broader powers to collect more data.

One wonders whether those in the freedom movement have any true friends left in either political party, although hats off to the 338 House members on both sides of the aisle who stood for the people against a buttinsky government that should be able to keep us safe from terror from abroad without keeping us in its thrall to our government at home.

Mr Bill Collier is a co-founder of and the Publisher of as well as the president of Regal Blue Media.

How do you feel about Senator Corker’s idea? Is he off-base? Add your comments below.


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Mr Bill Collier is co-founder of and currently the Publisher of and is the President of Regal Blue Media, a marketing, Public Relations, and web development firm.

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