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SERIOUSLY? Immigrant-Rights Activists Protest for Illegal Immigrants, Who Have No Rights

For all intent and purposes, these protesters asking Barack Obama for rights for “illegal” immigrants can be deported as well as the ones breaking the law, and I said it.

I am against breaking families up too, send them all back, that will take care of everything.

Where do these rioters and agitators get off stopping people from entering buildings and shutting down highways as a form of protesting these days? This is not a peaceable assembly as protected by the 1st Amendment. All should be arrested, thrown in jail and have to pay for all the lost time by all businesses whose workers and deliveries were delayed.

Standing on the side of the road with signs is protesting. Shutting down roadways is by definition, terrorism. They’re even using #DismantleICE on twitter, now you know something is awry when you see

From Washington Times:

Immigrant-rights activists attempted to block the road to federal immigration agents’ headquarters in Atlanta on Monday, demanding President Obama stop deporting any more illegal immigrants after last week’s Supreme Court stalemate.

Led by the Not1More campaign, which webcast the protest, the demonstrators called Mr. Obama to hamstring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the deportation agency, saying it’s up to the administration to protect illegal immigrants now.

“We are defending the security and stability of our families, sending a direct message to the Obama Administration,” said Carlos Medina, a member of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. “We know that he can stop deportations at any given time. Our fight will not stop.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.21.04 AM

Any police, medical or fire emergencies are not responded to? We need a law that says “anyone attempting to block a road for political purposes is subject to being run over with no recourse. Any damage to the vehicle will be paid by the demonstrators.” That should stop this nonsense.

What’s next, “Drug Dealers come out and protest against Drug Laws”?

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