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SHAMEFUL: Hillary Uses Trayvon Martin Death To Attack Trump And Pander To Black Voters [VIDEO]

If you want to reach people and have them for you then when I tell them to the truth about what you’re all about and how you have a concrete plan to help put America on its right path. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton we’ll never be able to get past the fact she does not know how to reach members of Black community without using racist tactics.

Most common sense Americans will tell you if there are gun free zone sign planted around the school area that makes that neighborhood vulnerable for deviants who want to cause problems. Clinton went after presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump at a dinner hosted by Trayvon Martin, who was killed in an altercation when he tried to take the gun off community watch volunteer.

From CBS News:

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump’s proposals on firearms Saturday as dangerous for America’s children, just one day after the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee garnered the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

“Donald Trump said that in his very first hour as president, heaven forbid, he would overturn President [Barack] Obama’s actions to strengthen background checks,” Clinton said, speaking at the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s “Circle of Mothers” dinner in Fort Lauderdale. “Then, Mr. Trump went further. He said that also on his first day in office he’d mandate that every school in America allow guns in classrooms. Every school, he said. That idea isn’t just way out there, it’s dangerous.”

Clinton said that schools “should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms, just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels.”

Trump wants to focus on National Security (our border), not wars like Hillary. He wants to stimulate business, education, and innovation to create a robust economy. Hillary just wants to hand out freebies to her donors and voters that we simply can’t afford or are contributing to her political machine. Her experience in the Senate was pure campaigning for president in 2008, as Secretary of State, she was relieved of duty, got people killed, and lied about what happened. The most shameful of all was that she had a guy arrested and blamed Benghazi on him. He was arrested for using a computer to distribute a movie he made which is not a crime.

I will call out Hillary until the election, believe it. My conscious will be clear when this election is over, and that is I did everything possible to stop her from getting elected. What are your thoughts?

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