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Shannon Watts of @MomsDemand criticizes life saving technology for soldiers with Propoganda

The only conclusion I can draw after reading this tweet is that Shannon Watts of @MomsDemand has fallen and bumped her head.

XStatSpongesYes, this is the Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action that led the campaign to suppress free speech and dissenting views and campaigned on social media against Dana Loesch appearing on The View. Her social media campaign launched a counter effort by conservatives who quickly rallied with the #IStandWithDana hashtag.

What bothers me most about the tweet above is that Ms. Watts is apparently so biased and insulated in her view that she’s missing the life saving reality of this technology. Soldiers on the battlefield often bleed to death and this new invention can help prevent that.

The sponges work fast: In just 15 seconds, they expand to fill the entire wound cavity, creating enough pressure to stop heavy bleeding. And because the sponges cling to moist surfaces, they aren’t pushed back out of the body by gushing blood. “By the time you even put a bandage over the wound, the bleeding has already stopped,” Steinbaugh says.

Former U.S. Army Special Operations media, John Steinbaugh joined RevMedx, the developer of this amazing new invention after retiring in April 2012 due to a head injury. RevMedx consists of veterans, scientists, and engineers who have been working on developing a better way to stop bleeding. If you go to their website, this is the first paragraph you see.

RevMedx is dedicated to saving lives by creating groundbreaking medical products designed specifically for combat medics and civilian first responders. Our current efforts are focused on controlling hemorrhage in prehospital settings. We are developing a portfolio of wound dressings and bandages that we believe will revolutionize the treatment of traumatic bleeding.

So let’s recap. We have a wounded warrior, working on groundbreaking technology to save the lives of fellow soldiers. We have an innovative company working to also save lives of not only those in combat but civilian first responders. And Ms. Watts has a problem with this why?

Shannon Watts of @MomsDemand

If I subscribed to the same backwards logic of Ms. Watts and her colleagues, I’d be saying things like “Why does Shannon Watts hate people and want people to die?” “Shannon Watts is against saving lives.” “Why does Shannon Watts hate soldiers?” Thankfully, as conservatives, we combat this type of ridiculous bias, we don’t ascribe to it.

Ms. Watts frequently uses the hashtag #Gunsense, but clearly, sense is something that is sorely lacking in this dialogue. Finally, let me just say, thank you Mr. John Steinbaugh for your service and for your continued work for saving the lives of others.


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