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Photo credit: Huffington Post

Sharia Law Supporter and Muslim Face Of Women’s March Arrested Today During Protest [VIDEO]

Before you go further into the story, just know I think this is a manufactured stunt to draw an emotional response.

One of the Women’s March organizers in New York has been arrested, and she’s Muslim. I guess there’s nothing like watching this happen to stoke the fires in your movement huh?

Source: Time

The four main organizers of the Women’s March were among the protesters arrested during a New York City rally on International Women’s Day.

Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Bob Bland were arrested early Wednesday afternoon after a day of loud but orderly protests for “A Day Without a Woman,” a strike the group organized to mark IWD. The organizers, as well as several other protesters, had been sitting in the street near the Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle, disrupting traffic. A representative for the four activists confirmed the arrests.

I can’t believe how many women support her. Do you even know what Sharia law is? She supports the systematic, religious oppression and objectification of women. So-called feminists! Get educated on what you promote!

I just don’t understand why Sarsour won’t go fight for women’s oppression in the Muslim countries. They have really good causes there to fight for women empowerment. American women are not being held down by no men.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.54.43 PM

America does not allow stone killings when a woman dishonors a man, America does not allow acid thrown in your face if you dishonor a man, America does not allow your daughter to be a child bride, America allows a woman to go freely where she wants without a male chaperone.

Furthermore, it is my belief the people that are following her are being led to the slaughterhouse.

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