SHE IS WRONG! Dianne Feinstein Tells Neil Gorsuch U.S. Constitution “Intended To Evolve” Over Time

During Monday’s confirmation hearing for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Senator Dianne Feinstein said the Constitution “intended to evolve” over time.

Washington Examiner reported she was concerned about his originalist philosophy.

“This is personal, but I find this originalist judicial philosophy to be really troubling. I firmly believe the American Constitution is a living document intended to evolve as our country evolves.”

She could not get any further from the truth. The Constitution does not change, no matter how much time passes.

And Feinstein had some nerve to say this in front of Gorsuch, an individual who knows much more about America’s greatest document than her.

Changing the Constitution over time would mean any amendment could theoretically get threatened. For example, I would never want to lose my free speech rights under the First Amendment.

That is the grave danger of Feinstein’s view. Sadly, there are millions of others that support her way of thinking.

Plus, Fox & Friends tweeted her being one of twelve Democrats that voted for Gorsuch in 2006.

Democratic Senators set to grill SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch – the same judge they unanimously supported in 2006

The fact that these Democrats completely flip on Gorsuch 11 years later is nothing but partisan politics.

It is evident he will get confirmed to the Supreme Court.

And I am thankful he does not share the same view as Feinstein on the Constitution.

What do you think about her statement during the hearing? Comment below and let us know.

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