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Sheriff Clarke: Black Voters Are Being “Hoodwinked” By The Democratic Party

Sheriff Clark is 100% correct.

After the Republicans wrote and fought hard to get passed The Civil Rights Act in the House and Senate in 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat who signed the law said, “I have just guaranteed the Democrat party the black vote for the next 100 years” when in fact most all Democrats were against the Civils Rights Act including Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore fathers and Bill Clinton’s mentor J. William Fulbright.

The Democrats grabbed onto what Johnson had said and created welfare otherwise know as The Great Society Act. For the next twenty years as blacks signed up for welfare which was supposed to help young widows with children. The government had agents that would go to their homes to make sure no man(husband) was living there, hence outlawing marriage which is why today 80% of black births are to unwed mothers on welfare.

Today we see the results of 48 years of Democrats lust for power!

Promise everything and do nothing!

Time to face the facts. It was a Republican that freed the slaves. It was the Democrats that didn’t even consider a black as human but a piece of property. It was the Democrats that brought us Jim Crow laws and was against the right to vote and civil rights. Heck, they were even against a women’s right to vote. Who do you think gave us the KKK? They also had a law that a slave owner that had more than twenty slaves didn’t have to go to war. Now there is PP and if it is so good for everybody then ask yourself ‘Why is PP only found in low-income and black neighborhoods?” They haven’t changed their ways just their programs.

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