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Sheriff Clarke: No Doubt In My Mind, Trump Cares About All People

For the past eight years, America under this government and political establishment have been divided by hate each and every day. Another four more years of this type of government and breeding of hate and the non-recognition of the terrorist threat will destroy America and it’s once great identity to a laughing stock of the world.

Sheriff Clarke joined Fox and Friends to talk about Donald Trump’s tax issues, and he called out the media for pushing this narrative to hurt the GOP nominee but reminded listeners November is the time to fix this and turn things around.

Something I learned during this interview is that when Richard Nixon was elected, there were no riots during his Presidency as they had been months before he got in office. Clarke believes Trump can do the same and he doesn’t have any doubt in his mind that law and order can be brought back to this nation.

Once again the Sheriff is right on.

Instead of uniting America Obama chose to emphasize the racial side and divide us much, much more!!! What a complete disappointment he’s been to anyone who had hopes for a better America! Black’s especially should be outraged by what he’s done to worsen their situation, but they are apparently blinded by his color just like he is!

Sheriff Clarke needs to be AG in the DOJ. Loretta Lynch is incompetent, biased, and should be replaced by one more competent such as Sheriff Clarke. Hopefully, President Trump will consider that prospect.

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