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Sheriff Clarke Puts Don Lemon In His Place Over Anti-Police Rhetoric – EPIC!

Every time Sheriff David Clarke was making a valid point, CNN Host Don Lemon would say, “we are not talking about that.”

Oh dear “we are not having that discussion right know.” When ISIS comes after Don Lemon he will be crying out for the Sheriffs protection.

Lemon wants everyone to ignore all past events that have led up to this chaos we have today. He wants people to believe that this incident yesterday, had nothing to do with anything else. In reality, all the anti-cop rhetoric by this administration and the BLM group over the past several years has resulted in racial division and a very dangerous anti-police sentiment.

This is Part 1:

Finally, someone and a police chief for that matter gives a piece of his mind to the very network that is the most bias in its reporting on cops killing blacks,

Whenever there’s a killing of a black by a cop, CNN will go on a rant for weeks on end without a full understanding of the situation, as if the cop is guilty of being a racist or being bias towards blacks.

Here is  Part 2:

Barack Obama is the primary driver of hatred for cops in the US, and WA and CNN are his and the Clintons’ mouthpieces. CNN thought that Lemon, a black, has the smart to trip the Sheriff, who supports Trump, into making mistakes that the network can use against both of them. Little did the system knows that the Sheriff can outsmart almost anyone on his day. This day is his day and thumbs up to the Sheriff.

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