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Sheriff Clarke RIPS Hillary! She Has Nothing But Utter Contempt For Police

It seems leading Democrats do not support law or border enforcement unions. However, those same Democrats support illegal aliens, slipshod protection of national security secrets, and targeting of political foes using taxpayer-funded resources. Is it just me or is there a trend here?

From Fox News:

On “The Kelly File” tonight, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Hillary Clinton for not speaking to and not seeking the endorsement of the nation’s largest police union.

“She has had nothing but utter contempt for the American law enforcement officer,” Sheriff Clarke stated. “This is just another thumb in our eyes.”

He said that Clinton’s public statements – and her courting of groups like Black Lives Matter – do nothing but “slander” the reputation of police officers around the country.

“She’s all-in with the criminals,” Sheriff Clarke said, arguing that her anti-police views are not shared by a large portion of Americans.

“A large segment of the American public stands on the side of the American police officers,” Sheriff Clarke said. “She knows that she has to have a heavy volume of black votes even to contend in this election.”

He explained that she has no emotional connection with those black voters, so she’s trying to ensure their support by showing this “contempt” for law enforcement.

The Liberal media and Leftist are trying to paint our nation’s law enforcement as a branch of the “KKK”. I think when a “911” call comes in from them they should listen to elevator music for a while.

She’ll regret disrespecting law enforcement officers. She has put herself in a place that she can’t afford to. If she seeks the police union support, she loses the black vote that is saving her behind right now. The majority of Americans will vote Trump now – HE appreciates them and so do Americans.

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