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Sheriff Clarke Tells Americans – “Be prepared to defend yourselves… You can fight back”

Sheriff David Clarke gets slammed for speaking with common sense so expect him to take more insults for telling Americans what they should already know, be prepared to defend yourselves because police can’t be there all the time.

I am not alone in saying creating more gun free zones is a disaster and will do more harm than good endangering American lives. Terrorists will always look to take advantage of the situation. God fearing and peace-loving Americans will be defenseless to protect themselves if they believe in the liberal way of doing things. The end results will be too horrifying to contemplate.

Defending your life however you see fit in that moment death is staring into your eyes is a natural right all men and woman have the moment they are conceived.

This is good advice. In places where there aren’t enough police to be everywhere at once, sometimes you have to defend yourself. You can call the cops but end up dead before the cops get there. Liberals don’t understand this and Liberal States have strict self-defense laws.

Hillary is always blaming white People and Police Officers! That is wrong, and racism is wrong! BUT we as Americans need to go about it a different route! We need to help the all minorities living in the inner cities because liberal policies don’t work as we find they are living in deplorable conditions! Hillary isn’t going to get them out of the hole! TRUMP 2016!

Conservative States do and have self-defense laws to accommodate this.

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