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Sheriff Clarke: Trump Is Asking And Working For Black Vote; Democrats Take Them For Granted

Sheriff David Clarke not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk. He spends his time within the community and also delivers solutions while being labeled an Uncle Tom by those who have chosen to stay in

Thanks to the policies of Obama (and what Crooked Hillary wants to continue) black unemployment is twice that of the national average. Why would you want to continue to see blacks suffer disproportionately?

If you have a job that pays 100,000, then Trump’s tax plan will give you a tax cut. Hillary has no tax plan, other than to raise them on corporations that are (which means more jobs going overseas).

Why would you vote for Clinton?

Excerpt from video:

[Trump] is making an appeal. He’s pleading to black Americans who are stuck in these ghettos. You know, the American ghetto has replaced the cotton fields where Democrats have gathered blacks in the horrible and miserable positions for political power. The appeal for a guy running for the Republican nomination for the Republican label, I should say, I think is a step in the right direction…

I don’t see Obama going to Chicago to help out. Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard, for heaven’s sake, that’s where he vacations and spends his time on luxurious resort golf courses and in Hawaii. That’s far removed from the American ghetto. Until we start to look and talk about that as well, I’m going to give Donald Trump a break at this point only because this is a recent appeal.

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