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She’s Fearless! Young conservative calls George Takei and Democrats out for being racist!

This young lady is not afraid to tell the truth. She’s fearless and we need more of it.

It’s no secret that liberals are about as racist as you can get, and it’s evident in their treatment of black people who don’t believe certain things or toe the liberal line, but it’s always nice to see someone speak out about it, as this fine young woman has.


Following remarks from actor George Takei, the un-named woman from Detroit gave a blistering takedown of the people she says are a “certain kind of racist” and seem to think that black people should be slaves to the Democrat Party.


She says the “problem with the left” is that liberals think they “own African Americans,” and think they “own our thoughts,” which she knows isn’t true. Living in a suburb of Detroit, she says she sees first-hand what the Democrat Party has done to blacks in the area, and that she’s never met a Democrat “who truly cares about African Americans.”

“These liberals need to check their privilege,” she said. “Particularly about what we are ‘allowed’ to think.”

She ended by saying that black people shouldn’t be called racial slurs or other names for being conservative, and calling out George Takei as racist for his horrid remarks about Justice Thomas.

“You’re a racist,” she said.” I’m not giving you slack for it.”

Anybody else starting to slow clap? She’s spot on with her assessment of the left, and it’s refreshing to see a young black person who thinks for themselves and is willing to go against the grain and speak out for her beliefs. Hopefully others hear what she has to say and take the time to think about it, because she’s right; the left does do everything they can to first single out certain groups, then enslave them to vote Democrat in every election, and they destroy anybody who doesn’t fall lock-step with the party.

Did you like this video? Does she have the pulse of the people? I think so. Tell me what you feel below.

H/T – YouTube

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