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Shia LaBeouf Is Done! Tells Black Police Officer He’s Hellbound Because — He’s Black!

Actor Shia LaBeouf better have his finances in order because he won’t be working for a long time after this.

I have heard that LaBeouf has apologized for his actions but if there is one truth to this video below when you are intoxicated, it enhances what you really believe. You say things that you have either wanted to say or have kept locked up inside and that key was turned to unlock your inhibitions.

The statement is racist from the top down and I mentioned that he might not work again but that is secondary to he needs to get help and fast.

Sure, there will be apologists who say he didn’t know what he was saying, but they can’t defend that these words were not inside of him or they would have never come out.

I don’t care for him or what he does but this video below is very bad for him and he’s got to sort it out really soon.

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