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Shia, Sunnis, Iran and the next World War

It is apparently a myth that Muhammad married Aisha, a 9 year old little girl, but it should not make one feel good because this myth was propagated by Sunni Muslims. It was propagated because Sunnis follow the story line of the victimhood of Aisha vs. that of Muhammad as a slight on Muhammad, all the while bragging about the ability as a Sunni to marry little girls, so there was obviously  support for this practice. (In fact followers of the Aisha interpretations practiced decapitation too, ergo they would brag that the Prophet practiced the same, also called “the prophet who laughs as he kills” as taken from Jewish prophecy, so what matters is that they brag about it, and that should be enough to tell us they are serious about it.)


The record is set straight by Shia scholars and various records and investigations in these videos. Aisha was actually 40 and from a previous marriage when she married. She is also responsible for poisoning Muhammad and accusing a Jewish woman, claiming Muhammad had taken the poison from kosher food 4 years prior (despite Muhammad only accepting Halal). This shocking history stands as a prophecy for the rest of what we are seeing unfolding in Islam today.

Curiously, forced youth marriages like these are mostly present in European Muslim ghettos and in fact rarer in Muslim lands, even Sunni parts. It would seem then that western Political Correctness has made it impossible to control and correct bad behaviors of Muslim immigrants – as if they were savage incapable of changing. You heard that right, as horrible Sunni living in Sunni land is, many Muslim immigrants come out west in order to not get punished the way their peers would punish them where they are from. The result is that our Muslim ghettos are even worse.

Interestingly the Shia seem to care for the truth as much as a Christian would care for justice and history, setting the record straight on Christ and the unfair trials of prophets. Muhammad was a threat to Aisha’s father’s political clout as a caliph. Thus the Shia seem to reject the political Islam inspired from Aisha and instead want to study the more authentic roots of the orginal prophet or leader who had elected as successor a cousin. This cousin was meant to develop on scriptures and civilize Islam, but politics took another turn.

After Aisha took over, the Caliph actually had the prophet’s children and grand children enslaved and or decapitated. From here on out the curse on the Sunni who live to this day in terror and confusion under the yoke of fraud continues. It is capital that in order to maintain dictatorship in the Arab world, the Sunni is made to revere devils above them without question – claiming prophet authority heritage all the while being the murderers of the Prophet and his Shia devout followers. It is as if Lenin claimed he was a follower of the Tsar after killing his whole family!

Tragically nowadays, Shia scholars get not only persecuted by Sunni but also by the traitor pro-Soviet regime of Iran – a corrupt regime practicing the minute marriage very similar to Sunni practices in Saudi Arabia. They also risk destruction in Iraq as the only pro-Christian or pro-American Shia elements are getting obliterated by ISIS – the Iranian fraud Shias taking over their communities behind.


Bottom line is that in order to tolerate future atrocities of a terror state like the Soviet Union, tolerance of terrorism would have to be promoted in the language. Thus liberal political correctness – and so called moderates like Jeb Bush or McCain – directly promote tolerance of terror, breeding it and even exporting terrorists back to Syria as fighters. Moreover a corrupt Iranian regime held by the Soviets would allow to keep a lid on Shias looking for truth and less tolerating of fraud. Last but not least, the Sunni thugs are inherent default supporters of the Soviet terror tolerance mindset, and thus they do not require direct Soviet like meddling as is done in Syria or Iran.

What we are seeing is a grand Sovietization of the world and growing unrest. The more tolerant the world is for terror via PC, the greater the nuclear war likelihood being accepted by various actors. It is absolutely essential to understand that another kind of world which would not tolerate such activities would be definitely be ready to counter any mischief of the nuclear kind in assertive manner. But are we seeing this in the Iranian nuke negotiations? Again, it is not so much about them getting nukes, but the kinds of them getting them, the kinds of politically correct accommodating language that disregards dangers and violations every step of the way. It is like we are helping build our own demons from other demon possessed nations, but ones that are far worse.

Tell us what you think and feel: are you feeling safer in a saner world? Who would benefit most from the insanity?

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