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Shock Report: USA Today exposes Unaffordable Care Act by Chris Ivan

A telling analysis released by USA Today reveals that over half of all counties in 34 states on the federal Obamacare exchange lack even a ‘bronze’ plan that’s affordable by the government’s own definition.

cashvaultMany of the bronze plans exceed the government’s 8% of household income affordability test for families that make too much to qualify for financial assistance.  Again the lower middle class is getting screwed by this destructive law. So what are these people to do? Will they buy a plan they can’t afford or opt out? My guess is opt out. And this is quite unfortunate. None of this had to happen. Two-thirds of Americans were happy with the insurance they had before the ACA. Instead of dealing with the remaining one-third, the progressives running this country sabotaged the best healthcare system in the world.

So the left will argue ‘what about existing conditions’? Or the arbitrary number of ‘the 50 million uninsured?’ The Left’s answer: Destroy quality healthcare for the remaining 200 million to accommodate the 50 million. To me, there is a better way. Leave the 200 million or so that were happy with their insurance alone. Address pre-existing and uninsured separately. As we have learned, most of the signups at went into the medicaid rolls. It is safe to assume many of these were just people that never took the time to enroll in medicaid before the ACA was enacted. And for those with pre existing, use a medicaid expansion with means-testing. Medicaid already has share of cost plans for those at the higher-end of the poverty scale.

Yes, I know it’s just way too simple. Big government progressives do not like simple. They like control. As for this free market American, I’m opting out.

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