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Shocking Arrest! This WOMAN was indicted for aiding escape of 2 New York murderers

Authorities have arrested 51-year old Joyce Mitchell in connection with the escape of two inmates a week ago from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. Mitchell, who is employed as a tailor-shop instructor at the prison, has admitted helping aid the escape of Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34.


She also admitted to providing the pair with contraband to help in their escape, which included cutting through steel, bricks, and a steam pipe. Authorities are also looking into the possibility that Mitchell’s husband, also employed at the prison, may have also been involved in helping the pair escape, though there has been no evidence indicating his involvement thus far.


Prison officials investigated Mitchell at one time for having an improper relationship with David Sweat, who was serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff’s deputy. They were unable to find enough evidence to pursue disciplinary charges against her. However, Mitchell and Sweat were separated for a period of time after the investigation. It is not clear at this time as to when she befriended Richard Matt.

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In many cases such as this, male inmates befriend female guards, or other female employees at the prison, volunteers, or members of prison ministries. These men know exactly how to spot those who could be easily manipulated. They know all the right things to say in order to convince them that they are changed men and want to turn over a new leaf.


These men are criminals, and have nothing better to do than to hone their criminal skills while in prison. So, like abusive men, they seek out weak, vulnerable women, those who may not receive very much attention, and make them feel special. Those who want to escape are usually able to convince these women to help them. Those who finish their terms often convince these women to support them financially, and that once they are free, they will live happily ever after. Many cases either end with the woman being killed, or left behind, once the inmate reconnects with old friends. So, is she a victim, or just another common criminal?

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