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Should the NFL have a Zero Tolerance Policy for all Players?

I enjoy football just like any other red-blooded American. I love the fans’ passion and patriotism.

The NFL invests insane amounts of money into the promotion of a single player and a team. Let alone the whole league.

Why in the world would they allow such violent and deplorable actions from the players that represent the NFL?

ESPN NFL September 09, 2014 touches this topic directly.

Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest time in an E.R. anywhere in America for cases of domestic abuse, assaults and rape against women and children. Any medical center and police department in America will confirm that.

10696218_834593516592207_2071415114149020643_nThis mentality of allowing domestic violence and abuse is very alarming, since the NFL has hundreds of millions of fans.

Their influence in society is untouchable, so why not use the Ray Rice situation as a turning point to promote positive attitudes towards woman and children.

These players need to be personally and professionally responsible at all times for their actions.

Should the NFL be a complete ZERO tolerance league when it comes to Domestic Violence?

I say YES!

These men have been so greatly blessed with the ability to play in the NFL, and need to hold themselves to a higher standard, since their spectrum of influence is so vast.

When fans demand that this behavior stop, that is when we can make a change and hopefully see better role models in society.

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